I found myself in my first yoga class the day before my 37th birthday. I entered that Bikram studio not having any idea of what to expect; I just knew that I wanted to sweat. As a personal trainer, I was active and in good physical shape. However, after years of training myself and others, I was bored. With the coaxing of a dear friend, I decided to give ‘hot yoga’ a whirl. Surely, a 105-108◦ sealed room had to provide some crazy awesome alternative to normal training methods.

Lucky enough to land in the flow-type classes that the Bikram studio offered, I enjoyed my initial plunge into the yoga world. The idea of having to be so thoughtful through movement was most intriguing. By Savasana, my ass was kicked, but I also felt refreshed, energized and my ‘headspace’ felt lighter. Could it be … a true physical and mental challenge, along with a recharge and a reset … what?! It was that unfamiliar intensity that kept me coming back for more.

I have had the opportunity to roll out my mat in some incredible studios throughout the DMV, in practices of Ashtanga, Bikram, Baptiste, Vinyasa/Power, Budokon, Prana Flow and my ultimate addiction … The Rocket. These different environments offered so much more than just physical strength and flexibility gains. Through varied practice, addiction grew immediately, an addiction to the feelings of being grounded and strong, to feeling light and free – just ‘feeling’. Regardless of the style of practice, an open mind and awareness of self were imperative. A fellow yogi once said, “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable”. Life is full of the unexpected; why not the yoga practice, too? Test boundaries.


Life can begin to change once there is an appreciation of the present moment. The breath is significant in this awakening. A most freeing feeling is to release the pressures of backward and forward thought. Mindfulness on the mat will overflow into the rest of the everyday life.

I have formed new friendships and have practiced with some most amazing individuals. There is so much yet to experience! My mat has taught me many lessons, some rudely awakening. Nothing about this process of self-discovery has been easy on my physical body or mind, but it has been most rewarding. I feel as though my life starts again every single day!



Melissa has been a Personal Trainer since April 2009, and has been studying and practicing yoga since July 2013. Early on as a trainer, she adopted a mobility/strength/functional-type training style. The addition of yoga brought everything together in such a beautiful yet simple way. It just made sense.

Melissa has been fortunate enough to train twice with David C. Kyle, Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, in the practice of The Rocket. (100hr, Oct2014/Jan2015) She certified through ACE Fitness as a Personal Trainer in June 2009, and was certified as a KFIT USA Kettlebell Instructor in January 2013.

Melissa extends personal training services and/or yoga practices to both individuals and groups, in home or on location.




…as I share and experience LIFE with as many of you as possible!

Health. Calm. Love. Acceptance. Release. Growth. Change. Peace. LIFE.




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