Personalized Yoga Practice


The physical practice of yoga connects breath and movement for an exhilarating challenge, both the body and mind can experience. Breathwork (pranayama), along with physical postures (asanas) and their sequencing are designed to develop/increase strength, flexibility, focus, awareness and balance. In each yoga practice, specific attention will be given to grounding, breathwork, alignment and transition. Postures are modified to accommodate physical limitations, while advanced variations are offered for added challenges.

The continued practice of yoga deepens the connection between the mind and body. This deeper connection results in an improved quality of life. The benefits of yoga extend far beyond the notable physical gains in strength, flexibility and balance. Ask yourself, “Could I benefit from less stress and anxiety, decreased pain, weight loss, improved mood and sleep, increased energy, creativity and focus?” Well, that’s just the beginning!

Yoga is a valuable tool for the specific needs of individuals as well, such as aging, pre/post childbirth, pre-surgery prep/post-surgery rehab, general rehab and realignment, pain management … just to name a few.

Your personalized yoga experience will be tailored to address your initial interests and concerns, with consideration of any physical issue(s) discovered during the initial evaluation. The yoga practice advances as your goals, interests and physical ability allows. Sessions can take place right in the comfort of your own home. Alternate locations will be considered; please let me know your ideas.

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Yoga for Events & Special Occassions

Planning an event? How about including a fun, challenging and healthy activity into the itinerary? A playful, energizing yoga practice is sure to get everyone involved and will build the energy of the group.

The yoga practice will be tailored specifically for your event and its participants, including practice type, theme, music, location, scheduling, equipment, etc.

Try something different and make it a day to remember!

  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Work/Charity Events
  • Bridal Showers
  • Book Club
  • Graduation
  • Holiday Parties
  • Birthdays

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Yoga for Athletics & Competitive Sports


The physical practice of yoga is the perfect partner to athletic training. Let’s face it – regardless of the sport or activity, age/condition/background of the athlete, training methods, etc., repetitive movement and conditioning eventually take their toll on the human body. Yoga provides a necessary balance for the highly active individual. The continued practice of yoga will provide strengthening and increased stamina, lengthening and flexibility, as well as a greater sense of awareness and balance. Yoga is also a great way to keep the mind and body conditioned during the off season. Yoga is a valuable tool for the specific needs of the athlete as well, general rehab and realignment, pain management, pre-surgery prep/post-surgery rehab, etc. And, as with any yoga practice, the benefits go beyond the mat, court, field, track, gym…

Yoga + Athletic Training =

  • Heightened levels of endurance and stamina – producing a more efficient and effective athlete
  • Lower risk of injury (shorter rehabilitation periods, if injured)
  • Quicker recovery after training/games/competitions
  • Improved grounding and balance – providing a more solid and centered athlete
  • Increased internal focus – allowing the athlete to make better decisions about his/her body – training, rest, nutrition, recovery and repair

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Yoga in the Workplace

Interested in bringing yoga into your workplace and/or business?

Benefits to the Individual and to the Company

  • Increased Individual Productivity, Confidence, Creativity, Energy
  • Team Building
  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Overall Workplace Efficiency – healthier bodies & brains
  • Corporate Health Insurance benefits possible (speak to your provider)

Again, the benefits provided to your employees/co-workers, stretch outside of the workplace. Send them home happy with tools to make for a happier home, and guess what? They return happy!

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Newbies … Forget everything you have ‘heard’ or have ‘assumed’ about the physical practice of Yoga.

Yogi’s … Let’s learn and relearn technique and have some fun!