Personalized Personal Training


Your personalized personal training sessions will be tailored to address your initial interests and concerns, with consideration of any physical issue(s) discovered during the initial evaluation. Exercises and their specific patterns of action are designed to develop/increase strength, flexibility, focus, awareness and balance. In each personal training session, specific attention will be given to grounding, mobility and alignment. Training methods include drills for strength, balance, cardiovascular health, endurance, flexibility and agility. Drills may include a combination of isolated and/or full-body movements, isometrics, and intervals. Training sessions advance as your goals, interests and physical ability allows.

Personal training sessions can take place right in the comfort of your own home. Alternate locations will be considered … please let me know your ideas!

Regular physical activity results in an improved quality of life. The benefits of being physically active extend far beyond the notable physical gains in strength, flexibility and balance. Ask yourself, “Could I benefit from less stress and anxiety, decreased pain, weight loss, improved mood and sleep, increased energy, creativity and focus?” Well, that’s just the beginning!

Personal training sessions can be adjusted for the special needs of the individual as well, such as aging, pre/post childbirth, pre-surgery prep/post-surgery rehab, general rehab and realignment, pain management … just to name a few.

CONTACT ME for more information on pricing, scheduling and location.

Training in the Workplace

Thinking of offering personal training to your employees and/or allowing them to work with a trainer on-site?

Benefits to the Individual and to the Company

  • Increased Individual Productivity, Confidence, Creativity, Energy
  • Team Building
  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Overall Workplace Efficiency – healthier bodies & brains
  • Corporate Health Insurance benefits possible (speak to your provider)

Again, the benefits provided to your employees/co-workers, stretch outside of the workplace. Send them home happy with tools to make for a happier home, and guess what? They return happy!

CONTACT ME for more information on pricing, scheduling and location.